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Ad Missam

A place for those curious about Catholicism but nervous to go to Mass alone…

It can be intimidating to step foot into a church for the first time alone, and although it is perfectly fine to simply show up and observe it can be comforting to attend with a friend. However, what about those who are interested in the Church but don’t know any Catholics? While priests are not as intimidating as Hollywood typically portrays them some people prefer to get a glimpse of what the Church is all about before they feel comfortable making an appointment to talk to a priest.¬†Ad Missam aims to help just that very person by connecting practicing Catholics with those curious about Catholicism in hopes of helping individuals take that first step into – or back into – a church to witness the beauty of the Holy Mass.

However, we have high hopes of eventually developing into a full-fledged Catholic social network where not only members of the Church and those curious can develop friendships and support one another, but a place where Parishes can interact with their parishioners, create events, interact with those curious about Catholicism in their area, and much more.

Our goals are a long way off; however, we pray we can become a resource which will help those who are curious about the Chruch take that first leap of Faith and attend their first Mass – as well help those Catholics who have wandered but feel the call to come home return to the Church.

Check back soon. We plan to launch July 2018.